Our Vacation, or . . . R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A

Vacation.  All I ever wanted.  Vacation. Had to get away.  This summer is coming to a close, and we needed a get away.  We tried to find a time that the four of us could go on vacation, but it never worked out.  So, for the first time since our daughter was born (19 years ago), we took a couple’s car trip.  Just me and my sweet hubby.

For a while, I have wanted to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.  Fifteen hours after our departure, we arrived in Rock and Roll City.  The R&RHofF (and museum) is amazing and is really a two-day activity.  Who knew that Jim Morrison was a cub scout?  His little Boy Scout shirt is on display.  Did you know that Ringo Starr could swim 15 yards?  I did because I saw his swimming certificate!

Of course, being a museum as well as a hall of fame, Evan and I did learn a few (trivial) things.  One thing I concluded, and this is my own opinion, is that Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, and Elvis Presley are three of the most talented Americans.  And, again my opinion, Elvis was the best looking. The range of diversity of rock music was also astounding.  Not only does it vary by decade and genre, but by region as well.

There were a few persons or groups that I wondered why they had not been inducted.  I know there are certain criteria they have to meet, but why isn’t Duran Duran in?  They have been around for longer than 25 years and were video music pioneers.  So were the VJ’s from MTV.  I think they could have a lovely place in the Hall of Fame along the “Video Killed the Radio Star” display.

None the less, there are some fabulous performers and promoters of rock.  I can not listen to the radio without thinking about if they were inducted or not.  I kept my little brochure so I can check myself.  And one of our favorite Sirius stations (Classic Vinyl) is housed in the upper part of the Hall of Fame.

Our vacation centered around the R&RHofF, but we did enjoy a few other things in Cleveland.  We also got to see Lake Erie.  It was the first time for either of us to see one of the Great Lakes, but I am glad to be home.



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