A Day in My Life . . . 8/5/15

My summer routine is coming to an end.  I am trying to do the things I want to do all in the next few days, but really, I’ve been doing them all along.  I got up in a leisurely manner: checked Facebook and my emails, texted my husband, got out of bed, made my breakfast and coffee drink, took the dog outside, ate, feed and watched the fish, slowly drank my coffee and read.  Then I remembered I had an appointment, so I had to get ready Superman fast.

I guess today is “get ready for school” day because the salon was hoppin’!  Everyone there was getting a color in addition to their cut, and catching up on each other’s vacations and summers.  One of may favorite parts of getting my hair fixed is watching people in the mirror.  It’ seems a little sly, but what else am I going to look at in the mirror?  One stylist is so animated when she talks, I don’t know how she cuts hair. Everyone loves her though.  I don’t really know her, but every time I go, I learn a little more about her.  Her husband had been married before, and she got married in a used wedding dress that she bought from a divorcee.  She’s going to be gone over Labor day weekend and needs someone to stay with her kids and animals.

A woman who looked my age was getting her hair colored purple.  She was there before me and there when I left.  The whole time she was looking at her phone while her daughter laid on the sofa looking at her phone.  For two hours!  And she must not have been pleased with what she saw.  Her eyebrows were knit together tightly and the corners of her mouth hung down.  She had an unapproachable appearance.  She was not someone I would want to start a conversation with.

Now I’m home.  I’m going to enjoy my pool for a while, then run some errands and possible work on my room.  My world is about to change.  I should start getting ready.


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