Back to School

When I was little, I used to have this dream at the same time of year for several years.  It was always at the end of summer when the nights started to come a little earlier.  It was the kind of dream where you might hear something for real, and it becomes part of your dream.  Usually, it’s during that time that you are almost awake, but really you’re in a deep sleep, yet you kind of know that you are going to wake up.  It’s that fantasy that disappears as soon as your eyes open.

What I remember is that there was a Revolutionary time Army, but the soldiers were all wearing red coats.  Their leader was George Washington with his long, white hair tied with a black ribbon.  Remember, I’m pretty little when I had this dream.  I was confused about the uniforms.

Anyway, the Red Coat Army started from far away and came marching down the street toward my house with drums marking the beat of each step.  They drew closer and closer until I woke up terrified.  Even after I woke, I could still hear them in the distance.  My best friend who had older sisters and was more worldly knew that the beating cadence was the high school band practicing marching.  Once I knew what it was, those dreams weren’t as scary, but they did ominously herald in a new school year.

Okay, not ominously!  While I love the lazy, crazy days of summer, I also look forward to the school year.  I’m sad that I don’t live close enough to hear the band practicing, but when school starts, they practice almost outside my window. I love what the new school year brings and what it promises.  I love my personal growth that I achieve through most of the year, the growth of my kids and my students.  I love the way fall smells, the coolness of the air, the sounds and excitement of footballs games and all that comes with the new school year.

This year is special.  It’s my son’s senior year.  Once he graduates, the beginning of the school year will not be the same.


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