This Great State – A Day Trip to Pauls Valley. 

It was our home town for a period of time. It’s my husband’s  alma mater and still a place I love. My in-laws still live here, and today we are here for an Ellis family get together.  

Pauls Valley is the birthplace of my husband and both our kids. We made many good, good friends here, several of whom we still keep in touch with.  Every time we roll into town, all the buildings and sites on either side of highway 19 bring back waves of memories. The first stop light from the interstate is where I really feel nostalgic. On the corner is Tio’s Mexican restaurant.  Oh the many delicious meals we enjoyed in that place.  When I was pregnant (both times), I ordered guacamole salad for my meal every time we ate there (at least once a week).  And out trips to Tio’s  were always a social visit as well.  Some of our friends were bound to be there. 

If we turn north from that intersection, we can go to our old house. Our first house.  The house we brought our children home from the hospital to. It sets on top of a hill close to the road. Scraggly, dwarfed trees surround it, and somehow it is considerable smaller than it was fifteen years ago.  

We pass the soybean fields and Ace’s Hardware that used to be Walmart.  The drive from the interstate to town has grown and changed so much that Pauls Valley is almost unrecogniable.  But once we round that corner, it’s like time stood still.  Small changes pepper each side of the highway, but it’s mainly the same. The Royal Twin theater has been remodeled and looks great. It’s the nicer part of downtown.  

  The homestead is at the end of Main Street. We pass the Action Figure Toy museum and the rounded store room turned gym. If it’s still a work out gym, I don’t know, but the outside looks newer than it did 15 years ago. 

The homestead used to be the county fairgrounds.  While the old barn is not original to the fairgrounds, it is old, but a fresh coat of paint that my son and father in law put on makes it look newer. 

A horse shoe tournament is under way and ribs are smoking. We will have to save our sight seeing for another time.  


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