A Day in My Life . . . 9/10/15

We have been trying to eat at home more and trying to eat our leftovers, so we are not throwing food away.  My food is edible, but leftovers have always been a last resort meal.  I must admit that I love eating the leftovers because it means I do not have to cook!  I am not a good cook.  My children and husband do not come home and say, “Mom, I love your ___.  Fix that tonight.”  I hate the drudgery of not knowing what to cook, the mess and work of cooking, and I especially hate when I put together a healthy meal and someone  say, “We’re having that?” without trying to hide his disgust and disappointment in his voice.

So for us to have eaten at home and have eaten leftovers for two weeks is a very big deal.  But tonight, my husband took us out to eat!  We drove into Norman to Pei Wei to eat some delicious Americanized Asian food.   It was yummy, and the best part is no clean up.  My kitchen is still clean from yesterday!

After our dinner, we picked up a few groceries from Crest for my son’s breakfast smoothie.  Now we are settled in for the nigh, enjoying the first official professional football game of the season.  My son keeps saying its the Deflate-triots playing against the Steelers.  What a comedian.


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