Sulphuric Adventure 

Last night I meet some friends in my Favorite Town That I Never Lived In.  We began our evening in downtown Sulphur at The Rusty Nail Winery.  In my many visits to and through Sulphur, I never realized there was an actual downtown area.  I thought the highway coming into town from Ada that intersected into the other highway was the downtown area (where the Snak Shak used to be).  Like many small community downtowns, Sulphur’s consist of old store fronts, but there has been a revitalization.  Part of this downtown revival, The Rusty Nail is housed in a renovated store front.  It had a large selection on wines, wine accessories, and wine related novelties and apparel.  Towards the back of the winery, several tables were situated for the enjoyment of wine.  My friends were already settled in with a plate of cheese, fruit, and crackers and spicy spinach dip and chips.  I did not see a menu, and I don’t know what type of food was available, but the appetizers we indulged in were delicious and great for buffering the alcohol.  My friend tried the wine tasting of five different wines.  The rest of us ordered a delicious peach flavored wine-arita (maybe more than “a”) that was like drinking the icy nectar from the peach.  The waitresses were kind enough to let us visit and enjoy our beverages.   While I really enjoyed the wine-aritas, I would really like to go back to and spend more time looking through the store and trying the wines.

Our next stop was a block down the street in an old house that I would say was built in the 1910’s or 1920’s.  This was The Flower Buff Mansion Steakhouse.  We ordered baked brie for the table.  What a treat of flavors!  Served with a dark bread toast with a taste of garlic, the honey sweetness brought out the brie’s sharpness.  Plus the toasted pecans and cranberries!  So much texture and flavor in one appetizer.  Unfortunately, that was my favorite part.  My meal was okay.  I am not a big steak eater, I don’t really like pasta, and chicken tenders were not offered as an option. Plus, I was pretty full from the appetizers we had at the Rusty Nail and the baked brie.

Then, should I mention the waitress?  I could probably write a book on her.  She was nice enough, but she wanted to be part of our party.  She provided us with a challenging way to talk to one another.

The best part?  Well, other than visiting with great friends,  Christina’s Cookies.  My sweet friend has a cookie business out of her home.  She makes all kinds of delicious cookies.  I ordered Tropical Breeze which is a mix of pineapple, mango, and coconut, and white chocolate.  It’s like a tropical Christmas, soft and  full of fruit (so it’s healthy, right?) and  white chocolate morsels.  Christina also included two other flavors: Rocky Top that has three types of chocolate and pecans (it is really yummy), and strawberry mango, but I haven’t tried it yet.

So now I want to know,  Where is your favorite winery, or bakery?


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