A Day in My Life Continued . . . 9-23-15 or The Day I Hugged Rick Springfield

These past couple of weeks have been pretty remarkable for our Great State.  The State Fair just ended, and even Donald Trump made a visit!  For us, it was the week of birthdays which leads to the Ellis season (we will save that for another post).  But between all the festivities, campaigning, and celebrating, My husband (Evan), my good friends (Lorinda and Rhonda), and I  spent one magical evening with 80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield.  MY HEART IS STILL POUNDING!

I can’t even begin to tell how wonderful the night was.  The concert was at the Amphitheater in the OKC Zoo.  This was the first time I had ever attended an outdoor concert, and I don’t know what could have made it more perfect.  We had VIP seats (thanks to my dear friend Lorinda, or LoLo) which were close to the stage and the VIP bar, and close to the deck in the back stage area.  I am a sucker for nice decks.

Tommy Tutone was the first act. Honestly, we really didn’t pay a lot of attention to him at first.  We were getting settled in,  buying our drinks and t-shirts and didn’t realize who he was until near the end of his act.   You may not know his name, but you know the song.

Jenny, I’ve got your number.

I need to make you mine.

Jenny, I’ve your number.


He was fantastic.  The entire place was pulsing.  After his set, my husband went to the deck to buy a drink.  When he came back, he held out his phone to us.  On his phone was a picture of him with Tommy Tutone!  Evan said he was just sitting back there meeting people. 

The girls and I jumped up and dashed to the deck.  There he was in his rock star hat and gray vest, sitting on a bench, holding his beer, and taking pictures with fans.  We hopped in line and got our picture taken with him too.  As we sat down next to him, we told him we do a Zumba routine to Jenny.  He asked us if we were going to Zumba naked for him after the show.  Oh my Goodness!  He really did!  Just to clarify- we did not.

Loverboy was also great, but I really need to take a bathroom break.  Of course, they played my favorite Loverboy song (Working for the Weekend) while we were gone.  Other than that, I was surprised at how many Loverboy songs I knew.

Then it was Rick.  I wish I could remember with what song he opened.   All I remember was he was wearing a dark sports coat and a dark shirt underneath. He looked like a Rock Star.  He just started singing and playing without an introduction or a lot of fanfare.  He just rocked!  He played his songs with little teasers of Jesse’s Girl thrown in.  Then he stripped off his jacket to reveal his toned and muscular arms under his sleeveless shirt.

 Earlier in the evening when Rhonda and I were buying drinks, Lori said she never bought drinks because she wanted to enjoy every minute of the concert and didn’t want to have to go to the restroom.  I should have listened to her, because I need to take another  potty break.  While I was gone, Lori and Rhonda moved up closer to the stage.  When Evan and I returned, we stayed on our row because lots of people had moved up allowing for a lot more dancing space. And it was cooler.  Rick started playing “Human Touch (we all need it).  He took a step off the stage onto an empty seat and walked through the audience.  We watched him come out towards the middle then he turned right torward us. I flung those white VIP folding chairs left and right until I was exactly in his path.  All I really wanted was to touch A Famous Rock Star slash Movie Star.  He had his arms around the  two women in front of me and I thought I would get to touch his tattooed arm, but he reached down and embraced me.  I put my arms around his sweaty back. I can not even write this without wanting to scream!  He moved on (Evan got to act as a support and hold Rick’s hand while he sang right in front of him), and I screamed and jumped and, well, I did not act my age.  I don’t even remember him finishing the song, but he must have.  I have to be honest, the rest of the concert is pretty much a blur at this point.  The only thing I can remember is that I hugged Rick Springfield.  And he looks good close up, not how you would imagine a 66 year old.


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