Konowa Band Day . . . memories and mysteries.

Another successful band contest in the books!  Our band rocked and even earned the coveted “Band of the Day” award.  While I was excited for our band and a little sad that its the last time we will be attending Konowa Band Day, I must admit, I’m glad it’s over.  However, Konowa holds a special place in my heart.  (But not the same way Sulphur and Davis do).  

My aunt LaNelda taught at Konowa for . . . I don’t know how long she taught there.  She has always taught there.  Chances are, if you went to Konowa, you would probably know her.  As Mrs. Carson, not as Aunt LaNelda.  She still substitutes and fills in whenever needed.

As I remember it, the school district is all on one campus.  On the east side of campus is a diner, a hamburger joint.  The lawn is overgrown and it looks abandoned, but I remember once when all of us loaded up in the station wagon (me, my brothers, and the twins in the back) and drove there from Ada to eat.  I am sure Aunt LaNelda told my mom they have the best hamburgers in Konowa.  What I remember best were these tiny, rubbery fruit shaped toys that came with my meal.  It’s a miracle none of us choked on them.   

I also remember being a member of the color guard in the Ada High School Marching Band, and attending Konowa Band Day.  I think this was before the paved parking existed.  It was just dry grass and dirt before you got to the football field.  I remember hanging out and watching other bands, just like my children have done the last 6 years.

Another thing I remember about Konowa is this old building that has a swastika on the front of it.  It seems the year the building was built is right underneath the swastika. It would be unbelievable to think this tiny town and this old building has anything to do with Nazism.  I tried to research the building, but I haven’t come up with anything yet.  Perhaps you know?.


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