Look for the Gratefulness

The day right after Halloween my FaceBook feed  exploded with Christmas countdowns, images of minions with Santa hats, and pictures of decorated Christmas trees in the homes of my online friends, but Christmas is still six weeks away.  We still celebrate a major holiday before then.  No, if you are thinking of black Friday, that is not it.  Thanksgiving,… Continue reading Look for the Gratefulness

A Day in my Life . . . 10-31-15 Homecoming at ECU!

Most of the time, it was on a brisk fall morning that warmed as the parade progressed.  The excitement and anticipation sounded with the police sirens and chirpings that announced the oncoming parade. The streets spilled over with excited children and anxious adults, but we could always see that parade well, and most importantly, we… Continue reading A Day in my Life . . . 10-31-15 Homecoming at ECU!