Because I’m an 80’s Chick

I’m an 80’s chick. I remember when Mtv was actually Music Television with real story telling videos; Duran Duran’s quest for the gorgeous jungle woman (Hungry like the Wolf), Cyndi Lauper frolicking through the city streets in the early morning hours (Girls Just Want to have Fun), and nerdy David Bowie trying to get a date as the cool David Bowie croons on from a nearby television set (“Jazzin’ for Blue Jean”, if you didn’t get that reference).

This new year has seen the loss of several music legends whose careers started in the 70’s and continued long into (or even after) the 80’s.  With the news of their deaths in the news, I have gotten a retro fever. That, and the anticipation of impeding concerts have me listening to retro music all the time.

In the last month,  I have reveled in two great concerts in two fabulous venues, and I anxiously await a couple more.  The first concert occurred January 9th, the day after Elvis and David Bowie’s birthdays (I did not realize they shared a birthday until I heard it on the radio).  I had read more than half of Elvis and Ginger by Elvis’s fiancée Ginger Alden and just about decided that Elvis was not really that nice of a person.  I had to put it away so it would not ruin my experience by Elvis impersonator Travis LeDoyt at Riverwind Casino in Norman.  It didn’t.  Travis was a wonderful performer who possess the spirit of Elvis and lets the spirit perform as only Elvis can!  LeDoyt is said to be the best “young” Elvis impersonator, wearing sports coats and button down shirts instead of the infamous bedazzled jump suits Elvis was known to wear in his later years.  His performance was high energy, exciting, and convincing enough that several Elvis fans lined up for Elvis kiss, even though Travis is just a couple of years younger than Elvis was when he died.  I did not get a kiss, but maybe I will the next time.

The next concert was January 14th, just five days after seeing Travis LeDoyt.  And for every 80’s Material Girl, this was the show of the year, the Queen herself, Madonna!  I am still reliving every second of the two hour plus spectacle in my mind.  Madonna was very late, very raunchy, very sexy, and very fabulous.  And when I say I went to the Madonna concert, really, I went to the Madonna Production.  The dancing, lights, amazing feats of acrobatic ability, and multiple costume changes fooled me into thinking I was at a Superbowl Half Time performance or a Las Vegas act.  The whole evening was fun

As I was buying my concert t-shirt, two young men complimented me on my accent.  “You’re accent is so cute!” they said.  Really?  That’s an odd thing to say because I don’t have an accent, but they did.  I found out they were from Canada, but I didn’t get to talk to them much.  I was really surprise by how many young men – and older men- were in attendance at the concert.  I really thought there would be lots of my-aged women with their Suddenly Susan accouterment.  Those women abound, no doubt, but so did the men.

The BOK in Tulsa isn’t my favorite concert venue.  I have only been there a couple of times where the seats were any good.  This one we had great seats.


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