A Bricktown Adventure; because every visit is different.

We wanted to go to Bricktown to a restaurant we haven’t been to before.  I thought it would be a relatively difficult tasks since we’ve frequented most restaurants there, but we found a few on-line that our culinary radar missed.   One was Knuck’s Wheelhouse.  My husband checked out the menu online, and it looked like a lot of cheesy dishes.  It was!  Pizza.  After reading Delancey: a Many, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage by misplaced Oklahoman writer and blogger Molly Wizenberg (her foodie blog is Orangette), I thought making a pizza was far more than putting ingredients on some rounded dough. This book made me believe pizza making is an art form (for other’s talented in that genre, not me.  My art form is eating it).  This place made the tastiest master pieces one can eat.

We stood outside the door looking into the dark windows wondering if we should venture in. It looked almost vacant (it was 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon, but then it was a Sunday afternoon in Bricktown!)  We opened the door and took a quick glance.  It looked like a seedy bar on a lonely Saturday night, plus lots of tables, minus the sawdust dance floor and pool tables.  Or a place that sells pot in the back, depending on your perspective.  The only other customers sat in a booth surrounded by chalk graffiti waiting for their food.  We hesitantly made our way to the counter to be briefly greeted by a young, dred-locked Bob Marley looking teen with his  dirty blond hair co-worker working diligently behind him to get the pizza order ready.  The Bob Marley kid took time to answer our many questions (what herbal ingredients are in the pizza and are they legal?) and make recommendations.

We ordered a half  Hootchie Cuchi (ham, bacon, and pesto) and a half Mediterranean (olives, artichoke heart, and other veggies with a delicate layer of hummus).   Both of these pizzas were fabulous.  If I ranked all (three) of the Mediterranean style pizza I loved, well sorry, Mazzio’s.  Your Greek pizza just moved to third place!  And Hide-A-Way?  Your Pizza of the Gods is a good reach, but it doesn’t quite get it.  This pizza was absolutely perfect.

Our adventure continued.  We visited the Candy Co. (one of the “musts”), then walked over to Harkins theater to watch The Young Messiah (which was very, very good).  We found ourselves wandering back to the center of Bricktown (by the boats), then challenged one another to an intense game of putt-putt golf on the new putt-putt grounds.  It took me back to the “early days” when my husband and I had many  putt-putt golf challenges.  I’m still not very good, but I won!

We ended the trip with a visit to Pinkitzel, my favorite overpriced cupcake store.  It was my birthday, after all.  I did refrain from the multitudes of candy and gourmet truffles to indulge myself in a Chocolate Truffle cupcake with a little truffleness on the inside.  So delicious!


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