Cry, baby, cry. My overly emotional journey.

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Some time ago, my husband and I watched a short report over former Republican House Speaker John Boehner with great amusement.  The shocking report (because it must have been a slow news day) was about the Speaker crying as the Pope made a Congressional appearance. Then the reported continued with other instances of crying – all caught on video.  There are worse, things for a public official to do.

This emotional display endears Boehner to me. It reminds me of the day my son was born.  My husband told me after the delivery that the anesthesiologist stood in the door way of the delivery room with tears running down his face.  I don’t know if he actually was, I was pre-occupied at the time, but the idea is heart-warming. Perhaps when we face situations that are so beautiful or so much more greater than us, we find ourselves overwhelmingly in awe.

I know it’s not couth to share one’s emotional journey in such a public manner, but certainly I’m not the only one who becomes so overwhelmed with emotion that tears spill out.  I cry in movies or tv shows that are emotionally powerful (especially if kids are involved in something traumatic or another character cries).  Songs tend to be a major tear trigger.  Any song about Jesus’ mother and His impending death make me cry (I guess I can identify with her being the mother, because no mother wants her child to die).  Songs about Jesus living, dying, loving, and living again make me cry.  And there are a lot (especially around Christmas).  Any song about the Mother Mary make me cry.  It’s not just songs about Jesus that make me cry, either.

Songs that make me cry:         Christmas songs, the state song (Oklahoma), Boomer Sooner, my high school alma mater fight song, ECU’s fight song, the fight song of the school I am currently teaching at, the OSU “trilogy”.

There is a local radio station that plays Boomer Sooner every weekday at 5:00 pm on the dot.  If I’m tuned in, I crank it up and jam, then think how awesome the band sounds, and how hard they work, and how fun the games are, then the tears start coming.  Every time.


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