Selena’s Secret – a Review

I must confess; I DO judge a book by it’s cover! I saw the close- up face of a Latina woman’s face freckled with typed word and a manicured finger held to the dark red lips in a shhhh manner – reminiscent of the scene in the bio-pic Selena where Selena (as played by Jennifer Lopez) calms a crowd with the small, yet significant gesture. The cover is so intriguing that I snatched up the book in the store immediately without reading the back cover (I did that while waiting in line to make my purchase).

Selena is my guilty pleasure. I am fascinated with the movie about her life and her charm. I’ve watched the movie of her life hundreds of times (I teach Spanish and do a lesson over her). I read Chris Perez’s memoir of his life with her. Recently, my husband and I visited Corpus Christy where we toured the Selena Museum (or the Museum of What Could Have Been as my husband called it). the memorial, and the Infamous Room 158 of the Days Inn (or what is now the Knights Inn).

Selena’s Secret by Maria Celeste Arraras is a self-praising account of the trial of Yolanda Saldivar. Arraras gives insight of both the Quintanilla and the Saldivar families, but reminds the reader multiple times what a fair journalist she is. She also painstakingly details the courtroom trials and recounts her interviews with Saldivar. What it comes down to is that Yolanda still maintains her innocence all in the name of protecting Selena’s secret. What is the secret? There isn’t one.

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